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Really? What about handling? My OEM sports suspension is too bloated for me. Car feels more like a boat than a handling machine. I need the coilovers to have the car feel more like it is on rails with predictable turning patterns and solid connection with the road.

For me the OEM sports suspension doesn't connect me and I don't feel comfortable at ALL pushing it in the corners. My Toyota MR-S is completely connected all the time and is a road carving machine.

Hope my questions don't bother you. I'm about to get these coilovers so just want to make sure my driving experience gets a major upgrade. Can you also share what settings you have for dampening, height and any other adjustments you have already made?

I will do a thorough review once I get these coilovers as I'm sure others would like to know the same things. Also. in the end, these are just words trying to express a driving experience which I think is very hard. I mean it is a driving "experience" which is VERY hard to translate into words. Your answers will help me know if I'm stepping in the right direction as suspension is crucial in these cars to get the most out of them. Power is good....but suspension is ahhhhhhhhhh beautiful!