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Originally Posted by Coolieman1220 View Post
WOW just WOW,

Hotrod you are a god among us diesel owners. that is insane that the JBD takes .5 second off 0-60 & 1/4 mile. have you noticed a difference in gas mileage? when driven normally of course. what kind of gas mileage are you gettin doing these runs? wait till you fully break in your oil burner.

i am truly speechless. I'd like to see some dyno charts!

if you really want to go faster, swap out your rims and tires, the 195 rims w/ RFT's are REALLY heavy.

I also thing a quick shifting DCT transmission will do our cars well. My sisters Jetta TDI has one and it shifts lightning fast. Diesels have a small power band so it helps to shift quicker, they also lose revs quickly where that tranny would shine. I test drove a stick TDI and it was a total different experience than a gas car.
Yes, the DCT would be good with carefully selected ratios for roll-ons or higher speed performance. However the DCT would not be good for drag strip style launches with all the torque. The torque converter is a blessing with these 2nd gear launches, without wearing out your clutch discs.

On a side note: I was kind of bummed that my Droid won't stay paired with the Combox. I was all excited because when I first paired it, it worked fine. However once you turn off the ignition you have to reinstall and re-pair the Droid. Time consuming and quite a hassle. Its a compatibility issue, not a defect with the car, as my brother's iPhone worked flawlessly in my car.

So, I came across the Scosche Streaming Audio Bluetooth receiver and im quite impressed with its ease of operation. It comes with a USB recharging cable to provide a 5hr run time and over 100hrs of standby. It really brings a new level of comfort/convenience to my 2008 335i. Sometimes it is nice to just get in the car and put your phone on the dash to listen to the Channel 5 New, etc, (Slingbox FTW) without having to run a cable from your center console to your dash!

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