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Originally Posted by Sergio-K View Post
I really don't know either. I remember i saw a thread somewhere in E46 Fanatics forum and somebody stated that he didn't attached the bluetooth mic included with Dynavin but used his BMW built in mic.
I think that Jeffb325 might give us a clue !
Im willing to bet he was talking about the built in mic in the Dynavin. It has a mic built into the faceplate but i have found its not as good as a mounted external one. Could be wrong though.

Originally Posted by boostd92
How is the boot up time? I have a Pioneer Avic F710bt in my winter beater and it has all the same functions, touchscreen, etc but my one pet peeve is that WinCE systems take forever to boot up (especially if you have an active bluetooth phone pairing everytime). Radio/CD will play within a few seconds, but if you want USB/SD/Ipod music it takes a good solid minute after starting the car.

Also, I've found that if you're out running errands and making multiple stops, sometimes starting/restarting the WinCE units can make them hang up or not come on at all. My unit is a couple years old though, wondering if they've made improvements in this department.
Most of the functions of the unit are not run through the windows CE. The CE only powers the nav, the rest is on a different chip and processor so its boot time is very fast.

Also i have noticed that in these newest units the CE doesnt stop running. In my old Dynavin unit the nav software would have to be started every time you started the car if you wanted to use it and it would take a bit to load, but today when i clicked nav it was already open so i think they may have found a solution to this. I will check again tomorrow to see if im findings are correct.