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Originally Posted by Z4 Beemer View Post
This suggests the dealer is being completely unreasonable. BMW have admitted themselves that the wheels shouldn't be the way that they are, i.e. rusty, and have agreed to supply replacement parts. The dealer is trying it on for a quick profit. Reason with the dealer or contact BMW Customer Services for help. The dealer must have a contact at BMW - ask them to tell you who it is and speak to them directly. Keep us updated.
They haven't admitted anything. The parts were offered as a goodwill gesture, which means that there is no acceptance of liability or even that there is a problem.

IMO the dealer is not taking the problem seriously - he just thinks that Roch is being 'difficult'.

If it were me I would be making the point that there is no logical reason why the hubs and drums should suffer with surface oxidisation.

Every other component on the car is protected from rust. Why does it not matter when it comes to the hubs?