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Originally Posted by EnjoixE92 View Post
what about the overboost? more power?
Jb+ and the JB3 based boost off the factory curve. The JB4 now targets boost from CAN readings and controls it accordingly. To answer your question: No overboost. Better. It's like overboost all the time. Stock max boost is about 9psi and the (7sec max) overboost is 13psi. Map 1 on JB4 reaches 14.5 which can be adjusted to your mods. Do some homework on n54tech. It's all there.

Originally Posted by EnjoixE92 View Post
dang. im only at 2300. i got 3 service engine soon lights and bmw fixed them. they were fuel sensors that spiked because of the rush of fuel flow due to me doing 160 in the 335is. they said it can only do 150 but i proved them wrong (:
The spedo is off actually. Its "normal" variance. I hit the 160 mark on the autobahn too but my external gps said speed was actually 154/155.

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