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Pls help... Back to back speed / reckless ticket...

The first was 3 weeks ago, on 66 near Centerville, VA. I was going 72 in a 55.
A regular speeding ticket.

But the second one was 2 weeks ago, I got caught doing 82 in 60 zone, on Rt 29 in Amherst, VA (i think it's near Lynchburg).
So this was a reckless driving ticket. But what was weird when I got caught was that I saw the cop and slowed down, the cop started to follow me, then drove up next to me and looked at us, and then moved back behind me and pulled me over.

Both has the same court date.
For the speeding, it is pre-payable and I don't have to go to the court but I would like to go if it helps.
So I will have to move one or both court date. Which one do you think I should attend first?

Last time I had a speeding ticket was back in 2006. I have a clean record since then.

How likely do you think I have a chance to get it dropped or at least reduced if I get an attorney?

The reckless case I think I need one but do I need an attorney for the first case?

Both times I was driving a rental car, if it matters.

And if you know of a good attorney in Amherst area, please let me know.

Sorry about asking so many questions.
I will appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.