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Originally Posted by FoShizzle View Post
Jb+ and the JB3 based boost off the factory curve. The JB4 now targets boost from CAN readings and controls it accordingly. To answer your question: No overboost. Better. It's like overboost all the time. Stock max boost is about 9psi and the (7sec max) overboost is 13psi. Map 1 on JB4 reaches 14.5 which can be adjusted to your mods. Do some homework on n54tech. It's all there.

The spedo is off actually. Its "normal" variance. I hit the 160 mark on the autobahn too but my external gps said speed was actually 154/155.
aite man i got cha. sorry i was abit confused with the overboost. and oh really? man they gotta fix that. played the crap outa me. i was on 160 and i was still climbing from 5k rpm and up :O