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i had my reckless (52/25) reduced to speeding
paid 140 fine and 62 court costs
the judge was in a good mood that day
but speeding AND reckless is a problem
an attorney will probably cost you a lot more than both tickets
the cheapest i could find was $1500
and i think the chances of taking reckless off completely are slim
the max they can do is to take it down to speeding
so you pay the attorney $1500 and you still end up paying $200 in fines
the only time i'd get an attorney is if you need top security clearance
since reckless is a misdemeanor, meaning you have a criminal record

on my court date
the judge changed reckless to failure to obey a traffic sign (no points) for anyone who had plus points
i had 0 points so he took it down to speeding.
your only defense could be that they were both rentals.
you could claim the speedo might be faulty and there is no way to check that since the cars have gone back to hertz/avis etc
check your driving record from the DMV va website
its good to know how it looks before your court date

you will get about 300 letters soon from lawyers/parasites
all saying you could go to jail and you could have your testicles removed etc
i've had reckless twice
both times no attorney
both times reduced to speeding

good luck
and please slow down, at least till your court dates