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Originally Posted by bdintally View Post
ATF Auto Transmission Fluid (1 Liter) Equivalent to: Shell M-1375.4
price is $18-19.00 per liter.

This vehicle calls for a Shell M1375.4 ATF which is a lower viscosity fluid than Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF. Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF may be used in your vehicle but the fuel economy will be slightly decreased versus the lower viscosity fluid.

Castrol Consumer Relations

Integrated filter from RM European for Pan/filter kit is $176.00

See attached ZF trans info recommends fluid change if hard driving conditions.

See attached Castrol info sheet as it relates to Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF and Shell M1375.4
My fuel economy did not go down; it actually went up by 1 mpg. Not sure if it was the trans fluid or techron fuel injector cleaner.
If no codes are being thrown use Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner (concentrate). It solves rpm fluctuating upon cold start-up. Also, for most BMW problems start off by scanning your car with the Peake Research Tool. It contains the actual BMW codes. If you want to register a newly installed battery for free (just buy a $10 cable) and google/download BMWLogger