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If I was in your situation, this is what I'd do:

1. Call the Virginia State Bar Association and get a lawyer referral for the Amherst area of Virginia. See more here: This will cost $35, but is well worth it. You will get a local attorney that specializes in your area of defense, and will be guaranteed a few minutes with him/her to go over your case.

Note: As a general rule, judges in Northern VA are DIFFERENT than judges in other parts of the state. So what one person says a judge in Fairfax does for them - it will NOT likely equate to judges in other parts of the state. Rural judges are typically more strict than suburban, urban judges. Amherst is not NoVa. Period.

2. When you talk with the attorney, tell him the whole story about having two tickets, same court date, etc. He or she will likely have good advice on how to handle it (for example: just pay the first fine and fight the second;ask for a continuance on the first and fight that one at a later date pro se, etc.).

3. Be prepared to repent! Be humble, admit your mistake(s) and be ready to apologize. Lawyers, judges, cops - all of us - are human, and we all make mistakes. But people generally don't take well to excuses or inflated values of self-worth. You don't sound like you fit in this category - so you should be good there.

But no matter what anyone says, I'd spend at least the $35 and get a referral and talk to a lawyer.