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I recieved a reckless driving charge in VA Beach, probably one of the worst places to get one. Paid $750 for a lawyer and he got it dismissed completely. The way I look at it: he paid for himself considering the fines and jail time you face with a class 1 misdemeanor.

lkw15 had solid advice. Retain a lawyer for the reckless driving charge and he can tell you what to do about the other speeding ticket. He'll probably have you take a safe-driving course to get some points back on your license, costs around 70 bucks (do a class or online course). As long as you were cooperative at the traffic stop, you stand a good chance.

Bottom line: Regardless of your friends stories (and ours), it's risky to throw yourself in front of a judge who might not be sympathetic. The safe thing to do is have a lawyer break it down for you and deal with the system.