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Thanks for the article. This is one of the reasons I decided to buy a 2011 335i. Yes it's almost the end of the model style but I think its at this time that the car is perfected, I optioned mine with everything so it has everything I need to last a long time.

When I bought my 99 328i I fell immediately in love with the body style and had to get it first. When 2006 came it took me a little longer to warm up to the new style, it was about 2009 that I started falling in love with the style again the front looking more like my older E46. So I waited for 2011 for the N55 engine and now I really love the style of the car and my car is solid, fit and finish is top notch, the german engineering is just amazing, everything is laid out right where I need it, love the iDrive music/iPod song tracks listed on screen, HD radio showing tracks playing on screen, it's really classy looking to me. Plus with the Holiday Credit $1500.00, Auto Trans credit $1300.00, getting invoice +750.00 and 0.9 interest, it's was the perfect time for me.

I figure that by the time the F30 comes out it's gonna take me some time to warm up to it because I already don't like the line across the hood and that it looks so much like the 5 series already. So I figure it will take me till 2015 to warm up to the F30.