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You don't HAVE to have a lawyer for the RD, but it is generally recommended. It carries 6 points and stays on your record for I think 11 years. It's also not going to look good that you got a speeding and a RD within a month. I don't know if it matters which one you do first, the officer may have a copy of your driving transcript with him at court and it's going to show both offenses anyway if the judge wants to look at it. Some do, some don't. 82 in a 60 isn't too far over the RD threshold so getting a reduction to speeding shouldn't be too much of a problem. Get a lawyer, he will have a better feel for the judge and what their general course of action is. And have your wallet ready for a workout.

And he was most likely looking for seatbelts, number of occupants, and other violations when he pulled beside you.