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I have owned a pair of the Bikilas for a while now and will say how I feel about them. First time I wore them was in the ocean for about 3 hours. They helped prevent sea urchins and sharp/rough rocks and shells from hurting my feet. For the most part I felt pretty barefoot in the water though, just with minimal foot protection. They got really dirty and after running them through the wash they looked brand new. DO NOT put them in the dryer, as stated by the manufacture.
I wear them for running on trails, asphalt, treadmills and concrete. I have high arches and cannot wear flat shoes but I have absolutely no issues with the five fingers. Running in my Air Pegasus 26+'s makes me feel like I have bricks on my feet now. I also wear them when lifting weights and doing regular gym equipment and have to say they help. They make you feel like you have more control of your movements. They also help prevent you from spraining/hurting your ankle because if you begin to fall with shoes the bottom of the shoe can catch on the ground and immediately bend your ankle. With the five fingers your foot simply rolls and you fall on the ground.

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OMG do they smell
Mine have never smelt bad even with no socks. I have only washed them once, and it was after going in the ocean. If they do smell for some reason, put them in the wash.

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I wouldn't wear this in the gym, incase a weight rolled off and fall on ur feet...with regular shoes the force will be evenly distributed...with these shoes, it's gonna hit that once crucial toe and then ur fucked...
Regular shoes are made of cheap, lightweight fabric that do not do a damn thing for weights. If your that concerned then wear steel toed boots.

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They are gayer then a pocket full of rainbows
So is my car but I love the shit out of it.
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what are u doing on these forums? you dont even drive a bmw or a respected car so i suggest you take your opinions to another forum. Thank you