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Cold Start Misfire Fixed

Hey guys,

I just want to share my story with my E92 335i. Here are the cliff notes:

1. Took car in mid November for misfires and brake squeaks

2. Dealer detected and deleted misfire fault code 29CE, reset adaptations, drove it for 20 miles, replaced all 4 pads and replaced 2 new rotors. Then returned to me.

3. Next day, misfires came back and I video taped it. Took it back to dealer the following week.

4. Dealer replaced 6 spark plugs (p/n: 12-12-0-037-244), 6 injectors (p/n: 13-53-7-585-261), and proceeded to update the DME.

5. After several tries, DME could not be updated so they ordered a new DME. Mind you, mine is an 05/07 build which means it has MSD80. The new one they ordered is in fact MSD81 (p/n: 12-14-7-611-358).

6. While waiting for DME to be shipped from Germany, I sent an e-mail to my SA stating I would like the "waste gate valve conversion" or "waste gate retro fit" applied during programming. I referred them to the link below:

7. They reprogrammed the DME, including the requested waste gate retro fit and is stated on the invoice

8. I was not able to get a print out of the key fob so I don't know what software version I have. I do know that the TPMS symbol "(_!_)" now says "INACTIVE" at the bottom of it. My 19s don't have TPMS on them at all.

9. Driving from a 328i for two weeks then back to my car felt really fast. I don't think I'm used to it yet but I do know that the throttle response is a lot better than what I had. I think my old DME had 29.2 without the waste gate retrofit.

About the waste gate retro fit:

What I've read is that MSD80 allows the waste gate retro fit option during the programming and MSD81 has it on by default. When I found out I was getting a new DME, I assumed it would be MSD81. Instead of assuming waste gate retro fit is on by default, I went ahead and requested it anyways and I'm glad they applied it. The car feels a lot better than before.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!