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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics supercar to be priced near $200,000

Edmunds' InsideLine blog has gotten a sit down with BMW sales and marketing director, Ian Robertson who told them exclusively that the Vision EfficientDynamics car will indeed go on sale and would be priced near the $200K price mark and intent on competing with Ferrari and Porsche. More then likely the car is being priced to compete directly with the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell.

The car would also "redefine how we look at high-performance sports cars," when it enters production in 2013. It truly is a ground breaking super car proposal as the previously announced official specs reveal. the car is part of the Project i initiative at BMW, and as such will be built in Leipzig alongside the Megacity Vehicle.

Mr. Robertson also told InsideLine that the production car will indeed stay true to the concept car that was originally shown at the 2009 Frankfurt autoshow and countless shows since. The Vision ED car is likely to appear at the BMW Sponsored 2012 Olympics in London.

Read the full story at InsideLine: