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Originally Posted by montr View Post
I did some measurements on the back speaker of the car. For the Alpine amplifier, I did the testing on a test bench. I have not started the installation, I just got the kit late yesterday.

Here is the amplifier. The crossover is on a plug-in board. This is the board with the switch. Inside the amp, there are 4 jumpers. They set the input level (High or Low). They are set by default to High.
Okay, that makes sense. I'd like to see what you find from the front channels before installation and after with the Alpine amp.

I still have mine and took it apart earlier, discovering two NXP TDA8920BTH ICs, one for the front door speakers and one powering the two midbass channels. I also noticed the input level jumpers but completely ignored the crossover board-- I should have looked at that to discover its function. Thanks for digging this up and I'm interested to see what you find from additional RTA sweeps!