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I was about to ask about the same but since I found this I'll just "attach" my interest to this thread instead.

Today I checked the pressure for the first time since I got the car and to my surprise it was 28F/32R (well actually 1.9bar/2.2bar ). Waaay below the figures on the inside of driver door....
Upped it to 2.2/2.6 (i.e. 32/38 in psi). Now the ride is harsher, of course. I am feeling now everything they did to patch the road this winter

I have (by intention) 205/55R16 (ER300 Turanza) because the roads are kind of bumpy over here. Mostly in-town riding, little to no highway for me.

Now should I trust the figures inside the door (and get the harder ride) or the dealer (but maybe risk premature wear)?
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