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Great question guys. Let me clarify and address your concerns.

The $129 cost factors in the cost of moulding on top of the LEDs. WeissLicht had to make an ABS mould, since they are not hacking apart OEM parts. This is a professionally made, finished product - not a garage job. No dremel tool's were inconvenienced in the making of this product

An ABS Mould of that size and complexity can cost around $5K. Not to mention that the little brass connector thingies that get put into the ABS are stamped out in quantities of around a million. I honestly have NO idea how WeissLicht got those made unless they actually bought a million - or paid a LOT more than they should have to make only 100,000 or so.

All of these costs are amortized through the cost of the product. Take, for example, matte black kidney grills. The material and labor cost per unit is probably around $2-3. The moulds (4 unique moulds for 1 set of grills) can cost upwards of $20,000.... so a grill set costs $70-120 depending on how many units the manufacturer expects to sell.

Also, I assure you, SMD LED's are not cheap, either. If you don't believe me, go ask mds where the majority of the cost of his revered LUX product comes from. Here's a hint: It's not labor. Though you're right, that is not where the majority of the cost comes from (See above).

Anyways, I don't know about the 5202. The bottom of a 5202 is completely different:

If a 5202 were the same, I'm pretty sure we would have just bought those, instead of doing a minimum buy-in to get WeissLicht to make this bulb. Would have saved us a LOT of money (and headache), and we could have been selling it for a year or more.
Regardless, if you want, spend the $99, dremel off that connector on the bottom, and see if it fits, I'm curious. However, the WeissLicht product is guaranteed to fit and won't cause errors - and it has a 1 year warranty... So if you aren't feeling adventurous, I'd say it's worth $30 more?

From my understanding, PY24 is a unique bulb fitment, proprietary to Osram or Phillips or whoever it is who makes the OEM bulb (I'm blanking right now).

Hope this helps clarify.

Keep the questions/comments/concerns coming. We're not out to rip anyone off here.

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