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I had a MK5 GTI with apr tune and let me tell you that car was an absolute blast. The car is a bit dull when it's stock but once you get the tune it turns into something completely different. It has it's low points obviously, like torque steer, sweet mercy. Handling was well enough as I had mine dropped on vw euro suspension, but gunning it out of the turns was borderline suicide. It was a very fun car and I'll probably own another one at some point in my life......As far as the A4 is concerned, a really good friend of mine has the exact car portrayed in the video (B7) non-quattro. It's a heavy, high, no handling POS. I had to drive him to the airport one time and drove his car back home, never will I purchase an A4....I'll take a GTI over an A4 any day of the week.
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