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Originally Posted by MatchesMalone View Post
I had the same issue. Intermittent, rough idling/vibrations when cold starting. Happened a couple of times over the course of 4-5 days, and would usually (not always) just go away if I stopped and turned off the car, then started it back up.

SA said I had misfiring (didn't see the exact codes) and they replaced the spark plugs and injectors. It's been running fine since then.

I'm wondering if occasionally using a fuel injector cleaner (e.g BG 44K or Chevron Techron) can help prevent this in the future, as injectors are not cheap. The funny thing is that I had actually run a can of BG 44K through about a month before I had my issue, but I bought my car as a CPO a few weeks prior with 45,000 miles so perhaps the damage had already been done.

Same thing here,

To be honest the fuel delivery system in these cars are dull to say the least luckily we have a company that has a good warranty.