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Originally Posted by Alpine328i View Post
Do you have any base for these claims or they just your personal thoughts and opinions?
Sure do:

That said, if someone wants to install a hokey nav system that comes with a tiny screen Look at the size of the screen. Is it large? Is it small? It is small.

and might come close to equalling the sound quality of the base BMW system, then that is their decision. The last one of these I saw had buttons loose, SD inop and it sounded like a transistor radio - and that a new unit out of the box.

Does the quality (physical and audio) come near OE? Nope. See my comment above

Can it cause warranty issues? Possibly. I just explained that.

This is great in concept but lousy in execution. The folks that bought it haven't come back here to rave about the sound quality (they might now because they have to justify their purchase to themselves and to the community)