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Originally Posted by Alpine328i View Post
Can you fit a bigger screen in the dash opening there with buttons around it? If they could've fit a bigger screen they would've. I was referring to it being "hokey".

When was it you looked at a unit of theirs last? Maybe you didn't read the whole thread, but i even admitted previous versions such as the one in my Audi wasn't nearly as well rounded as this one. Come to think of it, my first gen iPod sucks compared to my touch, but you don't see me posting in threads about a touch saying how bad my "ipod" sucks based off the first gen?

Again you haven't see or used the e90 unit, so your conjecture really doesn't mean a damn thing, due to the fact its based off old oranges and you are comparing to new apples.

Damn near anything you do to your car that isn't purchased from BMW someone can argue that it voids warranty in any way shape or form. If people cared so much about this, this message board would be 1/4 as large as it would only contain information on BMW accessories.

Your statement of how the quality must suck since people are posting about is can be dis-proven in a heartbeat if you knew your facts. Dynavin only produced 100 of these for the WHOLE WORLD. Thus they were only sent out to a few people here and there for testing and verification they are what they should be. Full production is scheduled for January.

Take your conjectures elsewhere as they do not contribute anything of worth to the thread. Go see a unit in person, play with it, install it, do something before you start throwing things around based off faulty assumptions.