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Originally Posted by Lafayette702 View Post
man I'm so pissed i didn't see this HU for the e46 BEFORE i cut all the insides out and after 2 weeks or major mods it fit lol... anyway love the idea of this HU and i also have a e92 now but before i purchase it i had a few questions..
( i looked on the e46 forums and couldn't find the answers)

1. on the pics i didnt see a remote conn for a external amp. does it have one?

2. i see that there is four versions of firmware. V1-4 you need to ground the brake lead but v-5 you dont.. what version firmware does the e9x version have?

3.i see that it controls the audio steering wheel controls.. but does the phone controls work?

if anyone can answer these THANKS!
1. Yes (There is a cable named AMP CON for connecting external amp.)

2. V1-5

3.Haven't installed it yet so i can't answer that.