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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Years back I was in a party talking to this very charming lady from Taiwan, several of us were discussing how bad LA drivers could be, she probably did not fully understood the conversation, instead told us we had not seen the worst, in Taiwan it was not unusual to see people got run over killed on the freeway and left there dead on the road side for days before relatives finally found the victims and took care of the situations from there.

We all looked at one another didn't know what to say.
That would be a bit awkward.

On the subject of the damage done, due to the length of the forks, there will most likely be bad damage to the underside of the car. The unibody bows easily if the pressure points aren't at the few points specced to handle them. You can tell by the way the car rocked that the forks didn't extend to the other side of the vehicle. Also, I'm sure the rocking exacerbated the issue. The owner's not very bright for parking there if the signs were clear, but I can't believe they moved it that way. I'd much rather call a tow in from far away and leave the owner with a long trip and no car, as well as steep towing fees rather than stressing my equipment like that (like moving the big van)....