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Originally Posted by raf555 View Post
just ordered a box for my 163hp 320d... says it increase to 204hp!!

hopefully it'll get to me before weekend so i can get it fitted and feel the DIFFERENCE!!
well i fitted it today and i must admit first impressions not too good!! maybe its just me?!

there is a difference but i wouldnt say its anywhere near hitting the 200bhp mark.

do u think the box needs time to adjust to the car?

could it be the weather? although its not snowing where i am it is very very cold (-3 degrees) and im running on 'summer tyres' so is there an issue with tyres grippin the surface to get the power!

ive not drove that long maybe a 5-10 miles. when i put foot down it does go but it that before tuning box but sometimes the dsc flashes!

im going to give it a week and see what happens as i was hoping for a bigger difference then im currently getting!