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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
The VW/Audi 3.2 is an excellent engine very competitive against the N52 and it should have been the A4's base engine instead of the 2.0Toy, completely out of place in a 40-45K$ car.
The 3.2l V6 that was used in the A4 is not shared with any VWs. The 3.2l V6 found in some VW models is actually the venerable 3.2l VR6 that originated in the U.S. in the 2004 R32. The 3.6l version (which is actually a different engine based on the original VR6 layout; i.e., a very narrow v-angle [15 degrees in the 2.8l and 3.2l versions and 10 degrees in the 3.6l version] with a single, common cylinder head) is still available in the U.S. in the VW CC, VW Touareg, and up until recently, the Audi Q7. The 3.6l version is also found in the Porsche Cayenne, albeit with some Porsche modifications.

Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I thought Audi ended the 3.2 A4 because it did not sell well once the 2.0T was out? If so this is not Audi's fault, but most idiots have no idea what is the difference between a 4 banger and a fine tuned 6, especially an I6.
That's correct, Audi nixed the V6 version of the A4 from the U.S. market not too long ago. It wasn't a good seller and was even less so once the uprated 2.0T (211hp, 258 lb-ft) came out. And your latter point speaks to why you see seemingly exponentially more x28 cars around compared to x35 cars; most buyers could care less about what's under the hood as long as it's more than adequate, which the 3.0l I6 and 2.0T are.