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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
Smaller engines is the quickest way to reduce weight and save money for the manufacturer. To manufacture a NA engine to output the same HP and TQ numbers would cost us too much. The problem is how the industry is playing the HP game. Even Volvo nowadays have 300+ HP, wtf? Do we need all this? We get so desensitized that all we want as consumer is more and more power. Car manufacturers can't keep adding cylinders while at the same time trying to make it economical. It's the natural evolution of the industry whether we like it or not.
BMW's NA I6 is a mature engine, making a high output version is already done for the new 5 and X3, I don't think it would cost more to do it for the new 3. There are many NA 6 engines out there, it is hardly a dying option.