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Originally Posted by EVTee View Post
Who are you to say "we"? I don't feel that you could speak for everybody in this forum.

Sorry if my next few sentences offends anybody in this forum and I apologize in advance. It is merely my opinion and everyone is entitled to a different opinion.
I came from an Audi equipped with DSG and the 2.0T engine and would never ever buy the 328 or 325. The engine is simply inferior to the vw/audi 2.0T with or without tune. Yes, the BMW is happy to rev but what is the point if it doesn't make any power?

If anything, the 2.0T does not cater to the "typical" buyer. A "typical" buyer wants a bigger engine because they think its simply superior. "Hey man my car's got a VEEE SIX!"

However, I do agree with you on certain points and realize why you might've come to the conclusion that the 2.0T is a bad engine. The 2.0T application on the B7 A4 was indeed horrible. It sounded and felt like a tractor engine due to the amount of vibration transmitted into the cabin with the transmission largely to blame. You will only realize how good of an engine it really is when you tried the 2.0T engine in cars like the GTI or the A3 mated with manual or DSG. The tiptronic transmission on the A4 ruined the whole 2.0T experience.

I didn't buy the A4 and I didn't buy the 328 at the time. Instead, I ended up with an A3. Now before everybody starts making joke about the A3 being a FWD Audi and all. I bought the A3 because I didn't like the styling on the GTI, simple as that. Give me an A3 / GTI with DSG anyday than a 328.

/end rant.
If you don't think you are a typical buyer, as you have tried to prove to me, then you are one of the "we" I was talking about, even though you and I have different preferences. I can indeed speak for everyone here unless you want to claim you are just one of those typical buyers.

A3 and VW were out of question for me. I could only deicde among 328i, G37, A4, Lexus IS350, MB C300/350...328i stood out for me not because it had a 6, they all (except A4) had a 6 in them.

BTW, I also test drove a 335d which you drive now, it could not compare to the silky revving gas I6 in the 328i.