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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I ran into a racing series that a lot of people were calling hell, the Formula GT Championship. Half of the pain alone came from the long search for the legendary Formula GT race car. Then came the races themselves.

The first race at Fuji went off without a hitch, easy win. So was the race at Indy. Then came Cote d'Azure, or the Monaco track. Very little room to pass, and on lap 1 I was spun out and sent into the wall, and was pinned there until all 11 of the other cars passed me. As I fought halfway back up the field, deja vu all over again, spun out and pinned to the wall. After that happened 2 more times and more than halfway thru the 20 lap race, I started racing the race of my life. Quickly moving up the field, I caught and overtook 1st place on lap 20. I saved that replay and took a long break afterwards to relax and bask in my victory until heading to the rain-soaked straights of Monza.

Monza, for some strange reason, was easier than the first 2 races. The only difficulty was keeping the car from spinning out in the rain. My opponents were 10 seconds behind me the whole time.

Then came Suzuka. And you thought the Monaco race was crazy? I got lucky, persay. Although it was a weather/time change track, it was clear skies, just late evening time frame. Well, once again a rough start. By lap 10 I was dead last, but by lap 14 I was leading the pack. I held it there until the final lap, thinking it would be an easy cruise to the finish line with a 3 second lead, I came up on the final chicane. The chicane that will haunt me for a long time. I entered the chicane with the right speed, but exited with too much, took it wide, hit the grass and spun 180 degrees. By the time I finally got the car turned around, I was in 11th place. All that work and badass driving to go from 12th to 1st in 4 laps and then holding it was all for nothing.

Luckily I already had the championship sealed before that race started, so all I had to do was go back to just that race and redo it, which I did and dominated. Just so annoying, especially after the epic win at Monaco, that I blew it on the final turn on the final lap in the final race. Just tarnishes the championship win
ah that's what scares me too. I'm still on the search for the FGT, and have had no luck yet. (saw it when I was level 23, and never again) I know that race is going to be a bitch...