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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
I was at the Giants game yesterday. I witnessed 90k people dying at the same time. It was a train wreck.

I also sat Vick for Brady.. and Manningham for Ward. I am out of the playoffs. What a shitty day.

The loss is so bad I feel like taking down my christmas tree.
Meh... It could have been worse. You could have lost at home to the Lions...

Yesterday at the sports bar, the Giants-Eagles game was the first that I gave up checking on. All the rest around were somewhat close. I didn't look back to the Giants game until right before the Eagles tied it back up. Major WTF moment. And then the failure to punt the ball out of bounds.... Are you kidding me? No excuse for that whatsoever, although the coverage team needs a beating as well.