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Originally Posted by TN_3 View Post
So when I ordered the N55 Procede after the new website was up and the new enthusiast version was available, does that mean I am going to get v4 and will have to wait to update to v5 until the firmware is posted?

Also, I requested the DCT maps for the N55 135i...does this mean I'm getting v4 DCT maps and there will be new v5 DCT maps?

Obviously, I am a little confused with the v4 and v5 and how it relates to the N55 Procede (DCT maps specifically).
You will be getting v4 loaded into your Procede. I should have v5 posted up soon. Just need to do a bit more testing with the traction control system since it's a bit different than that of the n54. I was hoping to have v5 shipping with n55 tunes by now but it's not something I feel comfortable rushing. Support will be limited during the holidays so I didn't want to release anything that could be buggy in any way.