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Originally Posted by klinkerklu View Post
We considered hauling it up there for that very reason, and now kind of wish we had gone through the extra trouble.
Hello there, count me in! Also, I will still try Fremont BMW next week since it's close to my place and work. I will keep you guys update.

It kinda sounds dumb and probably nothing to do with it, but I think I should share it. I also own a leased 325 from last June. I drive it whatever the way I like and enjoy the car every time I get in. Now the car is still totally problem free and runs so smooth as day 1. Then 2 months later, I purchased another 325 for my wife since I really enjoy the car. This time I did the soft break-in and drove like grandma to that car, but then this engine crap happened to that car! Damn! I should've found this site earlier to know this issue be4 I bought another 325!!!

I am just curious and maybe we can start an new thread and do the head count. "How many ppl w/ hard or no break-in has ticking issue v.s ppl w/ soft break-in?"