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Originally Posted by Rochester BMW View Post
I totally agree...

I had a phone from Coopers this morning, the latest is...

After I kicked up a stink about them wanting to charge 350 for fitting the new hubs they have got back to me and are now saying that Coopers will pay some of the labour costs, leaving me to the remainder... 75+vat.

I said this is still 75 to much! It has been left that I am going to get back to them with my decision... My next point of attack is 'sales'... if the salesman I deal with does not lift this 75 then ill cancell my M3 order... I bet that will get their attention!

Will keep you updated.
I'd say keep pushing.

Bottom line is that they need to either explain why it is acceptable for parts of a brand new car to rust completely unnecessarily.

OR .. they stop pissing about and sort out the problem.

I think it's actually a little more annoying that they waived most of the cost, but still asked for 75 plus VAT from you.

To me this means they still don't agree that you have a problem. The 75 is nothing to them, the fact that they are holding out for it is an insult.

Why should you accept rust on a brand new car ?

Why should you pay to have rust removed from a brand new car which is supposedly covered by one of the best warranties in the market?