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Originally Posted by masamune View Post
That is quite disgraceful. At my dealership, the last time I went in for service I made the peasant SAs polish my shoes before stepping into their dingy, disgusting showroom. One of them then had the audacity to give me a surly attitude after I told them the filet mignon in the lounge was 3 too cold and to remake it. Needless to say, the guillotine needs to be cleaned now.
Indeed - the sheer audacity of these peons of late has been particularly troubling. I feel, Masamune-san, that we may have a class revolution brewing here - what say you we implicate our trustworthy manservants to inflict a certain amount of ... education, should I say, on these unwashed masses? And on that note, where is my whiskey? I could swear I asked Chap to fetch it not less than ten minutes ago. I say, this is getting out of hand. He is positively frolicking with the maids again, I tell you.

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
Did you request a loaner when you made the appt.?

If you were promised a loaner when you made your original appointment and then did not get one then the dealer owes you an explanation. Sometimes (things may be different in Quebec) SAs schedule a loaner not realizing that the client is under 21 and not covered by insurance.
This, to be honest, I never understood. A friend owns an M3 but is under 21. So he always gets Mazdas as loaners - never a BMW or a Mini. Why don't they just fit it under his insurance?

Originally Posted by Marcumac View Post
x2. This is the reason I scheduled my appointment this Thursday almost 2 weeks ago, so I could get a loaner to drive to work that day.

Oh, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but them washing your car is most definitely not a "good thing".
+1. I used to be excited to get the car washed since it saved me the trouble, but then I had the car detailed and the guy showed me all the swirls... So now when I go, I tell my SA to not wash it. He always looks at me funny, but he knows my reasoning. PS: never buying a black metallic car again, too much hassle :P

Btw, to the OP: last time I went to Canbec, they DID have a loaner for me. A Nissan Versa with an empty gas tank and on summer tires in the day 20cm of snow was scheduled to fall (and did). So there. I should, by your logic, write to the president of BMW