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Originally Posted by Noxious_ View Post
Hi All,
I am from Canada so it gets cold here. Yesterday I drove the car 2 hours on the highway; it was around -20 celcius. The headlight washers would not come out and spray, only the windshield washers would work.

Got to my destination, parked the car for 8 hours or so. Started it up drove to my hotel and got a bulb error when I put my car in park. Went out to look and saw that the Lux 5.1 was out on my drivers side. Passenger side works well but the drivers is totally out.

Plus, on top of that, now my headlights don't turn with the wheel.

I plan to open up the wheel well when I get home to see what is up.

Anyone have similar problems with Lux going in low temperatures?

Do I just need to park the car in a heated garage and expect everything to work again?

How easy is it to get a new Lux bulb if my driver side has truly died?

Thanks in advance
This is actually great news for me. Guess the fuse is linked between the Xenon low beam and adaptive headlight module!