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Originally Posted by Das.Euro View Post
Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Personally I will not try this because I think the air scoop/drop in/carbon delete mods are the safest ones we can do to our NA intake, and there are plenty of proof.

But I will not laugh at the above mod until there is proof it does not work, so dudes go find some proof it does not work first.

Your just a straight up tool LOL.. OBV it was a joke as we all joked about it and so did the OP . Of course only you are dumb enough to THINK this could work.. Learn how to mod a car first before you speak little man and go have fun with your useless DIY air intake mods n00b .
You are by far the biggest piece of useless you know what in this forum. I have demonstrated time after time on freeway and especially on an incline how my car has improved in passing power after the mods, so have many others who installed air scoops, many also have data to prove, such as lowered engine temps, not to mention the manufactures' dyno claims.

You on the other hand made no single claim with your data to prove otherwise, except your useless comment.

No one has to provide proof that the above eBay mod will not work, but if you want to tell us it will not work you better have some proof.

The vendor had provided his proof, you can dismiss such proof if you have evidence for support. Simply laugh at his claim is not convincing.

I am still waiting for you people to tell me why the above eBay mod will do shit.