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Originally Posted by fidozoom View Post
My SA just called me and told me the update is done and I iwll be picking it up in an hour. I also confirmed with him that VR and RTTI works and he said he checked it out himself with the mechanic. At this point I don't know what version I got. Is there someway I can tell from the paperwork I should be getting? Maybe I'll just ask my SA but he didn't seem to know for sure earlier.

So if all's well, I'll post photos tonight!

Hmmm ....
As SFLGATOR opined in the other thread related to this topic, it appears that the loss of VR is occuring only in E90s, and NOT in E92s. If ANYONE with an E90 has updated to 25.00.xx and RETAINED VR, let us know. I suspect that everyone with an E90 who has updated, regardless of version, has lost VR, and that so far, no one has gotten it back.