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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
The OP asked for info on this item, what he got was shit stupid sarcasm that had no quality at all, no one was interested to find out or tell him why that thing did not work, until I cut in, more information flew from it and we now know why, and we also now know electric charger can work for an NA eninge, just need more extensive design.

You want to try sarcasm with me? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Again you cannot understand it, we in this NA forum are not interested in your turbo technology nor are we trying to push the engine so hard to achieve even close to the turbo gain. We are finding some very basic and inexpensive mods that can provide more air to the engine, and add a few horses, it is certainly achievable and proven with data from both the manufactures and end users, so why don't you go back to the turbo forum, because people there can really use your expertise to help out those HPFP crap you know, you are in the wrong forum.

You def must be dumber then a brick wall.... If there is an echarger that actually worked then you will need something to accomodate the a/f mixture not to blow or flood your motor/seals n00b .It wont EVER work otherwise it would of been selling by now...

Try you? LOL dude you sound like a little bitch

Im feeding you some information as you were trying to justify yourself in something you have no clue about. End of story