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You are the one who is dumber than a brick wall and you don't even know it, the link above described a working electric charger that provided temporary boost to NA engines without ecu remap.

The stock 328i weight to power ratio is about 14 to 1, the stock 335i is about 12 to 1.

With as little as $300 one can do carbon delete, drop in, air scoop and add the pbx, will add 15 more horses, likely even more. Then buy some light weight wheels and tires you can drop 15 lbs at each corner, for as low as $1500, which will practically give a 328i the same weight to power ratio as a STOCK 335i, but without any turbo lag, not to mention those HPFP things.

I have not even touched on the exhaust yet. This is basically what the NA mods are all about. For you to keep coming here to insist the NA people don't know what they are talking about is trolling.