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Originally Posted by Das.Euro View Post
That link proved that it provided NOTHING so where are you getting your info from? . I said your scoops are garbage lol .. I have told you to get a tune so and do exhuast work - headers back so again wtf are you talking about? Where are you gonna find light weight wheels for 1500 bucks? Last time i checked when i had a 2 piece forged wheel i ended up paying 850 PER rim only.... I never said NA people dont know what they are talking about, i said YOU dont know what your talking about. Even if you did your dumb scoops together lol they are just as worthless as you , stop being so EMO
The Forgestar F14 18"x8 weights 16 lbs each for $1200 a set, a set of conti tires can drop another 20 lbs total at the wheels, that is a total of 60 lbs dropped at the wheels, my 300 lbs drop was very conservative for the $1500 I quoted.

Who cares if you asked me to do the exhaust, who do you think you are? I go for the most bang for the buck mods first, before moving on to the next. My point is, I don't even have to touch the manifold swap or the exhaust, I can already achieve the stock 335i weight to power ratio, without any turbo lag or the HPFP issues.

You go ahead do your expensive exhaust mods all you want, just don't assume others are all that stupid.