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Originally Posted by Das.Euro View Post
Actually its called a hobby and im an enthusiast ., life savings? LOL nope , yes its my money and time i spent cuz i can and know what im doing. Ever heard of the term Built not bought? prob not since your not a true modder. Whats so wrong with doing my own work and being proud of my OWN build.. You dont have to make me happy, im sure you have a BF for that, i actually own my own business and have owned a modified c63 amg that will shit all over your last na m3..better yet im sure my vw i built up would shit all over your na m3 as well lol.. Try harder little man! I would never try to match my 328 to a 335 cuz it just wont happen unless i go forced induction. My car is my DD , read under my name SloNlow ...If i wanted a fast car i would of gotten the 335 and modded it...
I have absolutely no disrespect for your hobby and your effort, it is when you come in here to talk shit about all the NA guys who do not share your hobby, is where I draw the line.