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Originally Posted by fidozoom View Post
My SA just called me and told me the update is done and I iwll be picking it up in an hour. I also confirmed with him that VR and RTTI works and he said he checked it out himself with the mechanic. At this point I don't know what version I got. Is there someway I can tell from the paperwork I should be getting? Maybe I'll just ask my SA but he didn't seem to know for sure earlier.

So if all's well, I'll post photos tonight!
If they just installed 25.04 ask if they did anything special to get RTTI working. Seems the problem being experienced with cars similar to yours are a loss of RTTI, not VR.

Some 335 owners have thought RTTI was working because they see a TI on the screen. But without the plus symbol you may find RTTI isnt actually working. Fooled my dealer and at least one person on these boards. Checking the traffic info screen for messages is the only way to see if you really have working RTTI. Dont believe the TI symbol.

Looking forward to your update.