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From the many threads I have been following here and on other boards it doesn't appear the VR problem is across all e90s. The loss of VR is happening to iDrive owners of '06 models after v25 update. I havent heard of any loss of VR on 335s both e90 and e92. The problem 335s have experienced is a loss of RTTI.

It makes more sense that a slightly different iDrive CCC was used in '07 when RTTI was added. These slight iDrive differences account for VR being broken on '06 models (only e90s produced in '06) and RTTI broken on '07 models (both e90 and e92s) when v25 is installed.

This is just an assumption based on reading many threads on this and other boards.
Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, my wife's car is an '06 e90 330i -- so we can pretty much kiss VR goodbye if we keep our appointment for the update next week. Very disappointing, because she uses VR a lot.