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Originally Posted by chango335 View Post
It is a software upgrade, which normally takes several hrs to upload. Mine took at least 2 days because halfway, the system crashed and they had to do a hard reset, which meant removing the battery from the car.

After the software upgrade was complete, I noticed several changes in my iDrive while going through various functions.

- unchanged

- ability to turn off the display of the cellphone signal/radio box in the upper right corner

- different layout by having more options when in a call (i think it looks better)
- ability to create conference calls when in a call

Other menu functions are slightly different

Performance wise? - I don't feel any significant changes
I brought my car in this morning for a number of things, i.e. door lock recall, scheduled service, etc. and my SA told me they were replacing my HPFP. No software, but completely replacing it.

By the way, Parkview is the best. They are so damn nice to me and you are in and out quickly. Plus, I got a brand new 2011 328xi with 600km! as my loaner.
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