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Originally Posted by X5FX View Post
This update is NOT about the Nav is about a faster interface and POI search. The POI search is missing in previous versions which was lame.
Actually there are 11 issues solved with v25 and fixing nav arrows is a big part of it. So big the nav arrows has its own SIB. POI is a bonus for v25 but not a reportable problem to get v25 update (not on the list of 11 items). iDrive was never marketed with POI so they arent required to give you an update just because you thought the lack thereof was lame.

Some dealers wont do the update even for a slow iDrive (they are not required to do the update unless you can show your iDrive is extremely slow per a previous SIB). Most people need to show their dealer the nav arrows arent working or some other TSB approved problem.

In Kimos case, the post I was responding to, his wife has been living with the current system for some time so whats a couple extra weeks If I knew I would be loosing VR I would wait until a VR friendly release and only have to take my car in once for the update.