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Originally Posted by express705 View Post
nope. you said engine braking is not allowed in residential areas, but every residential area i have driven through has not had said signs posted. therefore, i could jake all day long and no one can write me up for shit.
I never said engine brake is not allowed in a residential area, in fact your big exhaust noise is also not banned in most residential areas, you brought up a semi truck, I said there is a good reason big trucks often are not allowed. But as a common courtesy, I generally do not make big noise until I am out of a residential area.

I never asked you to prove anything, where did I ever asked you for proof?

You are the one try to dismiss my proof, I have given you enough data for proof, you simply ignore them continue to talk shit about my mods. I can actually provide you data to prove with our mods, our N52 can log the same performance data as a STOCK N54, but I am not going to waste my time because you will just ignore my data and continue to talk shit.