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Originally Posted by SDeFranco1 View Post

BTW I'm not playing moderator, I'm simply trying to help you and explain just how this whole exchange looks to potentially thousands of people reading it, but I guess you really don't give a shit about that.

The fact that neither of you were giving in is just a waste of server bandwidth and space. Matter of fact, it looks like Das was the better man and moved on already. He knows it is time to, and like it or not, everything he stated is backed by facts and can be proven by dynos in the real world. I too agree with almost everything he said, though not necessarily with some of the tirades. Hell, I would even go so far as to say he was even trying to help you at some points, trying to avoid an outright crash and burn.

Do you even care about how you are coming across to the rest of the community, and about the fact that most of us are just sitting back and laughing at you? Wait, nevermind, don't answer that. You already answered it in this thread. I'm sorry to tear into you like this, but it had to be said. You're a train that's come off the rails at this point, save yourself before you hit a wall. Good luck with getting the dynos and charts to support all of your currently vacuous arguments. Sorry, sometimes being honest is a bitch. /THREAD CLOSED. EOF.
Take off the without pics and this about sums this thread up. Bye bye.
Don't speak for the community, speak only for yourself. That is my general rule, you might have different rules, that is fine with me.