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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Don't speak for the community, speak only for yourself. That is my general rule, you might have different rules, that is fine with me.
I CAN speak for the community. The community agrees with me on every sentence here. Community, please vaildate my decree. Rules are one thing, common sense and knowing when to quit is quite another. It's starting to become clear why you decline to accept friend requests. Please stop. Go outside and get some sun and fresh air. Get a hobby perhaps. Go do some needlepoint, or volunteer at your local community soup kitchen. Do something productive and good for society for awhile, you'll feel better! Your credibility wanes, along with what's left of your pride and self respect, with each inane reply you post.

By the way, I know you'll reply to this once more, not because I am clairvoyant, but to illustrate just how far gone you really are. Although I do admint I'll be shocked to shit if you finally move on to greener pastures finally. My heart goes out to you. My time is about up here- time to move on to more productive threads.