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Originally Posted by Das.Euro View Post
Do you know what a powerband is ? I explained an example of how a powerband is key earlier on one of these pages , also gearing is important too , it's not all just power/weight ratio . Honestly it makes no sense for me to share my 10 years of modding cars from top to
Bottoms and building show cars to someone of your dumb nature . Have a nice life and stop talking trash in
Other threads as you are getting put in place . Just shows your a shit talking troll that loves stupid peace out bitch !
Why don't you explain it to us, I am not the only one trying to learn, there are many others who are not as experienced as you. The OP for example, I suspect SDeFranco1 can also learn a thing or two from you so next time he might be able to get enough courage to try to do one of your mods.